😎 Curious about me? πŸ€“

I am a seasoned*, full-stack web developer who has built and managed media-rich, online SaaS applications in a variety of architectures.

I like to work with people, ideas and code on customer-led product development that contributes something good to the world.

* NCSA Mosaic was my first web browser. :)

I Believe

I believe that good software development is a practice of communication, learning and growing together. It’s a lot more about meaning, vulnerability and emotion than pointers and cache invalidation.

An enormous amount of good can come in the form of diversifying our industry and teaching a wide audience the tools to be empowered in our digital age.

What I Do

With a variety of technical, analytical and management career experience, I can be a self-organizing force on engineering teams. (My "Certified Product Owner" certificate and years of scrum master experience would also like to say "hi.")

I'm comfortable in front of an audience, and I'll even make a well-tempered case for what I believe in:

  • I'm currently running quarterly Hackathons for Jobber with a team of volunteers.
  • I’ve been a co-organizer of Exchange.JS, our local JavaScript meetup.
  • I co-wrote the business case to found Jobber's Front End Infrastructure team now working at the heart of our product's technological transformation.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience, and I've presented or helped at many local events:

  • Exchange.JS meetups
  • Jobber's JUMP events for post-secondary students
  • Career Day presentations for J.H. Picard and McKernan schools
  • DevTools Meetup
  • Canada Learning Code mentorship

Project Experience

For the five years prior, I worked on modernizing SaaS applications for Clio and Jobber.

In both of these initiatives, I directly contributed to:

  • a new component library as design system (Angular and React using TypeScript),
  • new API endpoints (in REST and/or GraphQL) that power new clients (web and mobile) and the future of the product's open platform strategy.

Previously, I held roles in project management, engineering management, online marketing and business intelligence for BioWare/Electronic Arts.