Jeff Marvin

🏡 🚲 🧑‍💻 ☕️ 🤖

I'm a full stack web engineer with a wealth of industry experience and a passion for front end development.

By day, I build open-source React components (Atlantis) for Jobber, with some mighty fine people. :)

By night, I'm building a Marvin family at home.

Current Projects

🔱 Atlantis - an open-source React component library for Jobber.

🛠 Jobber - building single page application infrastructure with Typescript, Apollo and GraphQL.


💼 Clio - built a central Angular.JS component library & converted legacy Ruby on Rails to modern API driven web client stack.

⚔️ Dragon Age Keep - managed the web team and a variety of external contractors to produce a media rich, online game portal for BioWare & Electronic Arts.